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& Receptions 

Booking your Wedding & Reception

When booking your Wedding and Reception at Scenic Sites Venue, we offer several different options. 

We will guide you on a step by step selection to best fit you and your fiancé.


Step 1: Schedule a tour by filling out the "Book a Tour" form online or calling us to schedule a tour. 

Step 2: Click the "Book your Cabin" page and choose which cabin you prefer to have you celebration. We recommend the Bower cabin or the Swift cabin.

Step 3: Pick a package in which you would prefer for extras, if any. Each package is seperate. (Example: Wedding ceremony is one package and Reception is one package) If you were to choose to celebrate both with us. Please add those prices together and cabin price to get total price for your venue.

Step 4: You can email, call, or message us directly on airbnb regarding the package in which would like to add in addition to your cabin rental. 

Step 5: We will email you a booking confirmation regarding your package and your airbnb cabin rental. 

Congratulations you have officially booked Scenic Sites Venue as your celebration location!

Packages & Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Scenic Sites Venue Airbnbs allow you to have outside vendors, like caterers, florist, come to the property?

Yes, that is the great part about our venue. Their is no tie down to vendors. Food trucks are welcomed as well.

2. If we have guest traveling in, how far is the nearest airport?

Pittsburgh International airport is the closest airport and is located 35 miles from the venue. 

3. How far are you from other services or major cities in case you need rentals or other vendors?

We are 35 miles from Pittsburgh and 5 miles from the closest amenities.

4. Are their other accommodations nearby for guest not able to stay on the venue property?

Yes. We work hand an hand with Comfort Inn at the Highlands. They will also provide a shuttle to the venue if you call ask.


5. What is the Parking Situation for the guest?

We have Parking suitable for 125 cars and we offer two shuttles for a fee to help guest to the wedding site or reception site.  

6. Do you need a liquor license to serve alcohol?

No you do not need a liquor license to serve alcohol in your rental. 

7. Are there any added fees to booking through Scenic Sites Venue.

No. We are very up front and personal with all of our guest. We intend to make the process of your day as easy as possible.


** If you have any more questions that was not answered here, feel free to call and ask during business hours ** 

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